Efficiency in the planning process, and appropriate design for ease of operations are demonstrated through our work for medical, dental and residential facilities.

Carroll County Drug Treatment Center
   Sykesville, MD
Children's Aid Society - Chambersburg, PA
Cumberland Valley Neurosurgical Consultants
   Chambersburg, PA
Cutright Chiropractic - Chambersburg, PA
Dental Associates - Chambersburg, PA
Dental Associates - Mercersburg, PA
Dr. Alegado Office and Apartment Building
   Annapolis, MD
Dr. Brian S. Crum Chiropractic Clinic
   Chambersburg, PA
Dr. Cerveris Dental Office - Chambersburg, PA
Dr. Steven Shockley Chiropractic Center
   Omaha, NE
Family First Health - Gettysburg, PA
Fleck Community Center - Chambersburg, PA
Institute for Caregiver Education - Chambersburg, PA
Millers Dentistry - Chambersburg, PA
MGM Pharmacy - Newville, PA
Park Avenue Medical Center - Kendallville, IN           
Rite-Aid Pharmacy - Hagerstown, MD
Rite-Aid Pharmacy - New Bloomfield, PA
Ronald E. Keyser, MD - Hagerstown, MD